NEW ✨Rain Dance™ Daily Moisturizer + African Detox Soap Duo Bundle

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Our best duo yet, the Detox Soap bar and very necessary Rain Dance Daily Moisturizer.

This combo is excellent for

⚡️Clearing blemishes + Improves skin texture

⚡️Fading discoloration and Hyperpigmentation

⚡️ Evens skin tone + balances hyperpigmentation

⚡️Hydrates skin without clogging pores


Moisturizing is definitely the most important step to healing skin! Cleansing is great, it is looked at as an opportunity to reset skin and remove impurities, but without a good moisturizer to put the healthy oils and nutrients back in, skin may become irritated, dry and get adverse results.


Keep your skin healthy and radiant with a subtle glow using this duo.

What's Included

One  1/2 lb African Detox Soap bar 
One 2 oz Rain Dance Daily Moisturizer 

How To Use 💧

Moisturizers seal in all the light hydration from toners + oils from serums, otherwise they will evaporate! this creamy butter based moisturizer not only seals, but fights acne + fades dark marks, scars and hyperpigmentation.

use this as the last step in your routine.

Ideal for sensitive and/or dry skin. Also very good for oily or combination skin 💕 Works for all skin types!

All photos are real results used by this product. all photos are intellectual property of Cozy.

Ingredients 💧

Rain Dance Moisturizer: Ivory shea butter, Olive fruit oil, Tamanu oil, Honey,  Vitamin E oil

African Detox Soap:  water, cocoa pods, coconut oil, palm butter, palm tree leaves, plantain, shea butter, shea tree bark no preservatives or  harmful chemicals, ever.

Although this is an unscented version of Rain Dance™, because we use real whole ingredients, this product has a faint olive fruit scent due to the oils we use. This scent quickly disappears after a few minutes post application.

Disclaimer ✨

all photos are real results used by this product. all photos are intellectual property of Cozy.

acceptable for most skin types.

**abs is a handmade product, so the color and shape will always vary.

***if irritation worsens or flare ups begin, please moisturize & stop usage immediately.

**** If you are latex-allergic you could have latex fruit syndrome and could have a reaction to the plantain ash in black soap, as well as palm and coconut oil. If you have a chocolate allergy or are sensitive to caffeine, also be aware that there could be a high concentration of cocoa pods (which make the ash) used in the soap.