Go in Grace Lavender Calming Toner

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divine assistance from the sanctity of French lavender petals! classic french distillation processes produces this naturally steamed lavender hydrosol toner. our lavender toner holds anti-inflammatoryantimicrobial, and analgesic properties, making it especially beneficial to use on cuts, scrapes, burns, and other similar types of wounds. it also acts as a humectant, drawing moisture from the air to skin while also helping to balance your skin.


💧Balances pH after cleansing

💧Hydrates + soothes dry cracked skin

💧Calms inflammation + agitated skin

💧Regulates oil production

💧Preps skin for moisturizing

this go in grace toner is not paired with organic mint oil. this toner will leave your skin hydrated and supple, with the smell of truly fresh calming french lavender that will naturally soothe inflamed skin.


2 oz glass bottle


this is real lavender water, meant to be used as a facial toner. it will not smell like the artificially manufactured "lavender" scent that has been commercialized. this is what  actual, non tampered, French Lavender petals smell like - no enhancements or added fragrances.

shake before use! 


Organic french originated steam distilled hydrosol