Go in Grace Rose Hydrating Toner

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divine assistance from the sanctity of bulgarian roses! centuries old bulgarian tradition produces naturally steam distilled rose water & mint toner. the nourishing and balancing properties of our bulgarian rose water will hydrate dull, lifeless, and irritated skin while fighting acne. it helps to balance pH levels while gently detoxifying and stimulating skin. go in grace is paired with organic mint oil. this toner will leave your skin hydrated and supple, with the smell of truly fresh bulgarian roses and leaving a soothing tingly feeling from the mint that stimulates blood cells.


💧Balances pH after cleansing

💧Hydrates + soothes dry cracked skin

💧Calms inflammation + agitated skin

💧Regulates oil production

💧Preps skin for moisturizing

💧Stimulates skin immediately with Organic Peppermint Oil


2 oz glass bottle



this is real rose water, meant to be used as a facial toner. it will not smell like the artificially manufactured "rose" scent that has been commercialized. this is what an actual, Bulgarian rose smells like - no enhancements or added fragrances. This product has an essential oil: Peppermint. If you are allergic and may find essential oils irritating, please avoid and do not use. Shake before application to disperse the essential oil, as it may settle at the top or bottom of the product.


How to Use

Shake before use. Use this as the second step in your full routine, directly after cleansing and before using a sheet mask. This toner can be used directly as a spray to face to stimulate skin or applied to a cotton round and gentle swab across a clean face.


organic bulgarian rose water, organic  arvensis oil.