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Equinox Turmeric + Vitamin C Mask

Equinox Turmeric + Vitamin C Mask

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Ingredients ?

Turmeric, Vitamin C, Passion Fruit Seed oil, Bergamot Oil, Honey, Black Raspberry Seed oil

Which Skin Type ?

Dry skin; Sensitive skin; Oily Skin; Combo Skin

What does this do ?

Face stubborn dark marks and scars, improve, brighten and even skin texture - naturally in only 10 minutes.

How to Use ?

After cleansing, apply the mask evenly to your face using the brush provided.

Wait 10 minutes for the mask to dry completely.
Rinse gently with warm water and pat dry with a soft, clean towel.

Once done, proceed with your normal skincare routine.

  • 100% Paraben Free
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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A carefully balanced formulation made to fade dark spots + promote bright, even skin tone.
Fade stubborn dark spots or blemishes, improve uneven texture, and brighten - naturally. This natural treatment mask features a super-dose of Vitamin C, turmeric, passion fruit seed oil and Fuller's earth clay formulated to soften skin and remove dark spots and blemishes. Prevent over drying and detoxify pores, fade hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and acne scarring. Leaving your skin utterly radiant in only 10 minutes.
This face mask allows the skin to 'rest' while it's saturated in powerhouse ingredients while hydrating and brightening skin. 


4 oz glass jar


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