Daily Face Bundle Set

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Use this complete set for a more targeted routine to take control of your active acne while balancing skin's pH + regulating oil production + improve texture + removing deeply embedded pimples + reversal of dark marks, scarring and inflammation of skin.


Included in this set is:

One Rain Dance Daily Moisturizer in unscented

One 1000 Suns Serum

One Go in Grace Hydrating Mist + Toner

One 1/2 lb African Detox Soap Cleanser


How To Use

1. Cleanse with our African Detox Soap ( Exfoliates + Dissolves dead skin, Removes deeply embedded dirt and congestion + Completely opens pores)

2. Tone with Go in Grace Hydrating Mist + Toner ( Balances pH, Soothe dry skin and inflammation + Regulate oil production + Prep skin for moisturizer)

3. Put the good oils back in using our Serum​ with ​1000 Suns Serum  ( Replaces the bad oils in skin + Targets problem areas like under the skin bumps and incoming acne without physical extraction)

4. Moisturize and seal in the good stuff with Rain Dance Daily Moisturizer ( Light hydration + serums will evaporate without a sealant! This butter based moisturizer also fights acne + targets to fade dark marks, scars and hyperpigmentation)