Blessed Be The Fruit Castile Face + Body Wash

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introducing our safest and most effective body wash, we'll probably ever have. this mild but seriously cleansing liquid castile soap completely breaks away dirt and grime while leaving skin squeaky clean. this utility soap is powerful enough to degrease super gunky hair and gentle enough to wash intimate parts! 🍑

surprisingly, it doesn't end there! we love dr. bronners and decided to make one ourselves. this multi use soap can be used to wash hair, gently cleanse face, great for daily showers, cleaning pets, bubble baths, shaving etc. as we test more of what this amazing soap can do, we will add to this list :)

💧Gentle + Mild face cleanser

💧Daily body cleanser

💧Can be used on intimate parts

💧Excellent to use while shaving

💧Gently removes build up that products acne 


8 oz glass bottle


This product is already diluted! While this is a very gentle, vegan formula, in the slight chance that irritation occurs please discontinue usage.


all photos are real results used by Cozy products. all photos are intellectual property of Cozy.


Coconut oil, Olive oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Vegetable glycerin.