made for the guys and gals of the planet.


Hi! I’m Janelle :)


In a nutshell, I created the Cozy brand due to honestly... never feeling comfortable in my own skin. And now that I think about it, that was an issue I’ve had my whole life! I’ve always suffered from terribly dry cracking skin, eczema patches everywhere, hyperpigmentation to two toned skin and under the skin acne. No product really worked for my weird skin. If I heavily moisturized, it also clogged my pores breaking me out! And I needed heavy duty moisture to solve my dry skin problems but also needed my skin to breathe.... 2018 was probably the worst winter ever. My skin grew increasingly frustrated with me. I developed crazy two toned skin, acne scars and literal flakes that would fall off my skin whenever it felt like. It was so bad, I refused to leave home, it kept me away from friends and family... I just didn’t know how to handle this.


My mom had told me her friend (we’re all from the islands of the West Indies here!) mixed up some ‘concoction’ that helped clear her skin and I remember my sister lightly teasing her about how it looked like dirt lol. So, I decided to dabble and mix around ingredients that I felt my skin ONLY needed. Like why do I need hydroxycortonephylisas in my face creams?! (Yes I just made that up) I went back to my (Jamaican) roots and decided maybe natural is best. And it was. The first thing I made was Cozy’s signature Rain Dance moisturizer. It helped heal my skin in dramatic ways, hydrating and moisturizing yet allowing my skin to breathe. Fighting the deeply embedded acne in my skin while reverse the mistakes of improper acne removal. Evening my skin tone and giving it a healthy non-greasy glow. I looked like all I ever drank was water my entire life. I honestly couldn’t believe it.


So the brand wasn’t created before the products or in some illegitimate way. I had no intention on selling any of this really, I just needed to figure my skin out... for me. But then one thing lead to another and I just felt like I really should be helping others with what I’ve got. Good clean skincare shouldn’t be overpriced and for higher end budgets, with alarming unpronounceable ingredients that could cause long term issues + dependency. Not to mention them hardly even being effective half the time.


That’s my story. I love telling it because this entire soul care brand journey has been a complete dream. And really, skincare is just the beginning. So stay tuned for way more ways to make your life super Cozy.