Virgin Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil

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origin of extraction: Chile

Meet your new best friend, Organic and Cold Pressed Rosehip; an excellent addition to anyones face + body routine!

With a molecular structure similar to sebum, rosehip oil can adjust to your skin's oil production levels, so it can even be used on oily skin. It is also mild enough for sensitive skin.

⚡️Excellent for all skin types, especially for oily + sensitive
⚡️Essential fatty acids fades scars + dark marks
⚡️Lightweight, absorbs quickly + doesn't clog pores
⚡️Deeply penetrates + Reduces fine lines and scarring
⚡️Improves texture and moisture levels (which helps with overproducing oily skin!)
⚡️Vitamin A +C promotes skin regeneration and skin repair

2 oz glass bottle



100% raw cold pressed Chilean Rosa Rubiginosa seed oil