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Raw Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

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origin of extraction: India


sometimes, it's best to make things simple.

we've introduce our raw oils collection to be an addition to anyones face + body routine. this oil has unique properties that can relieve skin from dramatically reducing oiliness, acne, dermatitis and eczema.

our unrefined cold pressed organic hemp seed oil is perfect for most skin types and can moisturize deeply without clogging pores. it helps in calming inflammation of the skin caused by acne and psoriasis. has been known to moderate oil production and balance out oily skin. use this oil to refresh + revive hair and skin.

for hair, hemp seed oil promotes luster, shine, and manageability, and helps relieve dry scalp and repair damaged hair.

best used for: calming inflammation all over body but especially for face without clogging pores! excellent for acne as well.
dry skin: apply this oil before your cream based moisturizer. this will help keep your skin deeply moisturized, longer. it will quickly be absorbed, then sealed in by your moisturizer.

oily skin: dramatically reduces and regulates oil production on oily skin while moisturizing without clogging pores. use less than a dime size as needed.

hair: depending on hair texture, apply this oil directly to scalp to calm inflammation, redness or itchiness. this oil will slowly work it's way down your strands from the scalp for less kinky, apply sparingly. for kinky and curly hair types, apply to scalp, shaft and ends of hair strands before your moisturizer.


2 oz bottle

ingredients: 100% raw cold pressed Indian cannabis sativa seed (thc free) oil