Hydrating Dry Skin Kit

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Penetrating deeply and inserting intensely moisturizing nutrients and antioxidants to give skin glow and dew from within. Seal in hydration and soften skin without creating pore clogging build up. Create multiple light layers on top of skin to capture moisture while pulling it from the air to produce all day moisturized skin.


💧Argan Nut Oil - provides healing and sealing to the skin's outer layer, which doesn't just improve appearance—it also prevents further drying and damage. it is quickly absorbed, deeply moisturizing + excellent for layering.

💧Marula Oil - fills in the cracks and gaps in the outermost layer of the skin to leave it softer and smoother without clogging pores, balances oil production and deeply moisturizes.

💧Shea Nut Oil  similar to shea butter oil in that it never clogs pores, it relieves symptoms of itchy eczema + psoriasis and prevents scarring while healing damaged skin.

💧African Acne Face + Body Wash  excellent for drawing out impurities, this cleanser gives skin a clean slate and allows oils and moisturizers to truly penetrate skin by clearing out pores with astringent oils.


2 oz glass bottles with 8 oz glass bottle

How to Use



1. Start by washing and gently exfoliating the skin.

2. Add a few drops of facial oil to your moisturizer or apply the oil and layer it with a lightweight moisturizer

3. Massage each layer using a sweeping upward motion.

4. Also, you can use it under your SPF in the morning or blend 2-3 drops with your foundation while applying makeup.



100% raw cold pressed argan nut oil, marula and shea nut oil